ANASYG/PRESYG Météo-France's new graphical summary of the synoptic situation

ANASYG/PRESYG,nouveau résumé graphique de Météo-France de la situation synoptique

Santurette, P. ; Joly, A.

Année de publication

Météo-France is preparing the implementation of a revised graphical summary of the synoptic situation. This graphical product has been developed since 1993 as, as far as possible, an extension of the existing framework published by WMO. Graphics remain the best way to convey rapidly a lot of information. However, the existing graphical language for meteorology has seldom changed over the years, while our dynamical understanding has improved. Its current use is in fact poorer than the one allowed by the WMO reference definition. In an attempt to overcome these drawbacks, a richer graphical language is proposed. Its goal is to show and, often, to explain areas of synoptic weather activity in the initial spirit of the Norwegian method, since it has been so successful in shaping modern operational meteorology. However, it takes into account the present understanding of cyclogenesis and large-scale dynamics: the actual and potential baroclinic interactions replace the polar front concept. Dynamical meteorology also provides rather precise guidance for structuring and preparing the summary. The proposed code is described and explained. Examples are shown, with most cases taken from the recent FASTEX (Fronts and Atlantic Storm-Track Experiment) project. <br>Copyright © 2002 Royal Meteorological Society</div>

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