The METCRAX II Field Experiment: A Study of Downslope Windstorm-Type Flows in Arizona’s Meteor Crater

Lehner, Manuela ; Whiteman, C. David ; Hoch, Sebastian W. ; Crosman, Erik T. ; Jeglum, Matthew E. ; Cherukuru, Nihanth W. ; Calhoun, Ronald ; Adler, Bianca ; Kalthoff, Norbert ; Rotunno, Richard ; Horst, Thomas W. ; Semmer, Steven ; Brown, William O. J. ; Oncley, Steven P. ; Vogt, Roland ; Grudzielanek, A. Martina ; Cermak, Jan ; Fonteyne, Nils J. ; Bernhofer, Christian ; Pitacco, Andrea ; Klein, Petra

Année de publication
The second Meteor Crater Experiment (METCRAX II) was conducted in October 2013 at Arizona’s Meteor Crater. The experiment was designed to investigate nighttime downslope windstorm−type flows that form regularly above the inner southwest sidewall of the 1.2-km diameter crater as a southwesterly mesoscale katabatic flow cascades over the crater rim. The objective of METCRAX II is to determine the causes of these strong, intermittent, and turbulent inflows that bring warm-air intrusions into the southwest part of the crater. This article provides an overview of the scientific goals of the experiment; summarizes the measurements, the crater topography, and the synoptic meteorology of the study period; and presents initial analysis results.

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