Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor (MRMS) Quantitative Precipitation Estimation: Initial Operating Capabilities

Zhang, Jian ; Howard, Kenneth ; Langston, Carrie ; Kaney, Brian ; Qi, Youcun ; Tang, Lin ; Grams, Heather ; Wang, Yadong ; Cocks, Stephen ; Martinaitis, Steven ; Arthur, Ami ; Cooper, Karen ; Brogden, Jeff ; Kitzmiller, David

Année de publication

Rapid advancements of computer technologies in recent years made the real-time transferring and integration of high-volume, multisource data at a centralized location a possibility. The Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor (MRMS) system recently implemented at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction demonstrates such capabilities by integrating about 180 operational weather radars from the conterminous United States and Canada into a seamless national 3D radar mosaic with very high spatial (1 km) and temporal (2 min) resolution. The radar data can be integrated with high-resolution numerical weather prediction model data, satellite data, and lightning and rain gauge observations to generate a suite of severe weather and quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE) products. This paper provides an overview of the initial operating capabilities of MRMS QPE products.

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