A test of visibility sensors at Hong Kong International Airport

Chan, P. W.

Année de publication
To replace the existing transmissometer for visibility/runway visual range measurements at Hong Kong International Airport, a test of the latest models of transmissometer/forward-scatter sensors was conducted over a period of 2 years and 5 months. Different kinds of weather conditions are considered: namely, haze, fog/mist and rain. Comparisons with human-measured visibility observations (SYNOP) reports are also made. The new model transmissometer was found to perform better than the existing transmissometer. One model of low cost forward-scatter sensor is also performing well, but its performance in haze conditions is not as favourable in comparison with the internationally-adopted accuracy requirements. Based on such international requirements, the forward-scatter sensors tested in this study may not be well adapted to making measurements in the kind of polluted conditions found over southern China. This points to the importance of establishing the performance of visibility sensors in the local climatological conditions.

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