The HMT Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor Hydro Experiment

Martinaitis, Steven M. ; Gourley, Jonathan J. ; Flamig, Zachary L. ; Argyle, Elizabeth M. ; Clark, Robert A. ; Arthur, Ami ; Smith, Brandon R. ; Erlingis, Jessica M. ; Perfater, Sarah ; Albright, Benjamin

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There are numerous challenges with the forecasting and detection of flash floods, one of the deadliest weather phenomena in the United States. Statistical metrics of flash flood warnings over recent years depict a generally stagnant warning performance, while regional flash flood guidance utilized in warning operations was shown to have low skill scores. The Hydrometeorological Testbed?Hydrology (HMT-Hydro) experiment was created to allow operational forecasters to assess emerging products and techniques designed to improve the prediction and warning of flash flooding. Scientific goals of the HMT-Hydro experiment included the evaluation of gridded products from the Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor (MRMS) and Flooded Locations and Simulated Hydrographs (FLASH) product suites, including the experimental Coupled Routing and Excess Storage (CREST) model, the application of user-defined probabilistic forecasts in experimental flash flood watches and warnings, and the utility of the Hazard Services software interface with flash flood recommenders in real-time experimental warning operations. The HMT-Hydro experiment ran in collaboration with the Flash Flood and Intense Rainfall (FFaIR) experiment at the Weather Prediction Center to simulate the real-time workflow between a national center and a local forecast office, as well as to facilitate discussions on the challenges of short-term flash flood forecasting. Results from the HMT-Hydro experiment highlighted the utility of MRMS and FLASH products in identifying the spatial coverage and magnitude of flash flooding, while evaluating the perception and reliability of probabilistic forecasts in flash flood watches and warnings.NSSL scientists and NWS forecasters evaluate new tools and techniques through real-time test bed operations for the improvement of flash flood detection and warning operations.

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