The Southern China Monsoon Rainfall Experiment (SCMREX)

Luo, Yali ; Zhang, Renhe ; Wan, Qilin ; Wang, Bin ; Wong, Wai Kin ; Hu, Zhiqun ; Jou, Ben Jong-Dao ; Lin, Yanluan ; Johnson, Richard H. ; Chang, Chih-Pei ; Zhu, Yuejian ; Zhang, Xubin ; Wang, Hui ; Xia, Rudi ; Ma, Juhui ; Zhang, Da-Lin ; Gao, Mei ; Zhang, Yijun ; Liu, Xi ; Chen, Yangruixue ; Huang, Huijun ; Bao, Xinghua ; Ruan, Zheng ; Cui, Zhehu ; Meng, Zhiyong ; Sun, Jiaxiang ; Wu, Mengwen ; Wang, Hongyan ; Peng, Xindong ; Qian, Weimiao ; Zhao, Kun ; Xiao, Yanjiao

Année de publication
During the presummer rainy season (April-June), southern China often experiences frequent occurrences of extreme rainfall, leading to severe flooding and inundations. To expedite the efforts in improving the quantitative precipitation forecast (QPF) of the presummer rainy season rainfall, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) initiated a nationally coordinated research project, namely, the Southern China Monsoon Rainfall Experiment (SCMREX) that was endorsed by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as a research and development project (RDP) of the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP). The SCMREX RDP (2013?18) consists of four major components: field campaign, database management, studies on physical mechanisms of heavy rainfall events, and convection-permitting numerical experiments including impact of data assimilation, evaluation/improvement of model physics, and ensemble prediction. The pilot field campaigns were carried out from early May to mid-June of 2013?15. This paper: i) describes the scientific objectives, pilot field campaigns, and data sharing of SCMREX; ii) provides an overview of heavy rainfall events during the SCMREX-2014 intensive observing period; and iii) presents examples of preliminary research results and explains future research opportunities.

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