WMO World Record Lightning Extremes: Longest Reported Flash Distance and Longest Reported Flash Duration

Lang, Timothy J. ; Pédeboy, Stéphane ; Rison, William ; Cerveny, Randall S. ; Montanyà, Joan ; Chauzy, Serge ; MacGorman, Donald R. ; Holle, Ronald L. ; Ávila, Eldo E. ; Zhang, Yijun ; Carbin, Gregory ; Mansell, Edward R. ; Kuleshov, Yuriy ; Peterson, Thomas C. ; Brunet, Manola ; Driouech, Fatima ; Krahenbuhl, Daniel S.

Année de publication
A World Meteorological Organization weather and climate extremes committee has judged that the world's longest reported distance for a single lightning flash occurred with a horizontal distance of 321 km (199.5 mi) over Oklahoma in 2007, while the world?s longest reported duration for a single lightning flash is an event that lasted continuously for 7.74 s over southern France in 2012. In addition, the committee has unanimously recommended amendment of the AMS Glossary of Meteorology definition of lightning discharge as a "series of electrical processes taking place within 1 s" by removing the phrase ?within 1 s? and replacing it with ?continuously.? Validation of these new world extremes 1) demonstrates the recent and ongoing dramatic augmentations and improvements to regional lightning detection and measurement networks, 2) provides reinforcement regarding the dangers of lightning, and 3) provides new information for lightning engineering concerns.

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