Aeronautical climatological summaries Shannon Airport 1961-1970 and descriptive meteorological memorandum

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Meteorological Service
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This volume consistes of two parts. The first part is a descriptive meteorological memorandum based mainly on an examination of ten years' data for Shannon Airport and of the synoptic charts covering Western Europe and the North Atlantic Ocean for the same period. In addition some climatological means and extremes for longer periods are presented. Typical synoptic situations associated with poor weather conditions are discussed and illustrated. The second part consists of aeronautical climatological summaries using models A, B, C, D, K and T described in the Technical Regulations (volume II, Chapter 12) of the World Meteorological Organisation (Geneva 1970). These summaries were compiled from an analysis of the hourly meteorological observations made at Shannon Airport over the 10 year period 1961 to 1970. Details of instruments and observing practices are given in Appendix I.

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