A Raman lidar at La Reunion (20.8° S, 55.5° E) for monitoring water vapour and cirrus distributions in the subtropical upper troposphere: preliminary analyses and description of a future system

Hoareau, C. ; Keckhut, P. ; Baray, J.-L. ; Robert, L. ; Courcoux, Y. ; Porteneuve, J. ; Vömel, H. ; Morel, B.

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A ground-based Rayleigh lidar has provided continuous observations of tropospheric water vapour profiles and cirrus cloud using a preliminary Raman channels setup on an existing Rayleigh lidar above La Reunion over the period 2002-2005. With this instrument, we performed a first measurement campaign of 350 independent water vapour profiles. A statistical study of the distribution of water vapour profiles is presented and some investigations concerning the calibration are discussed. Analysis regarding the cirrus clouds is presented and a classification has been performed showing 3 distinct classes. Based on these results, the characteristics and the design of a future lidar system, to be implemented at the new Reunion Island altitude observatory (2200 m) for long-term monitoring, is presented and numerical simulations of system performance have been realised to compare both instruments.
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