Evaluation of changes and trends in air temperature within the Southern Levantine basin

Tonbol, Kareem M. ; El-Geziry, Tarek M. ; Elbessa, Mohamed

Année de publication
Based upon hourly air temperature values recorded at five coastal meteorological stations within the Southern Levantine basin during the period January 2007-December 2016, mean annual and mean monthly air temperature variations were analysed. The analysis also examined the linear trends of the mean monthly air temperature anomalies (MMATA). For the Southern Levantine basin, the results of the study revealed that 2010 was the hottest year over the region, while 2011 was the coldest. August 2015 recorded the highest mean monthly temperature over the period of investigation for the whole area of interest. January 2012, by contrast, recorded the lowest mean monthly air temperatures. This is true for all locations except Arish, which experienced its lowest mean monthly temperature record in January 2008. The results also revealed a general increasing trend in MMATA at four stations: Mersa Matruh, Ras El-Teen, Port Said, and Arish. MMATA for Abu-Qir appeared to be an exception with the slightly decreasing general trend.

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