How to evolve global observing systems

Andersson, Erik

Année de publication
ECMWF works closely with the WMO to make sure the best possible observations are available to the Centre. They are used for data assimilation in ECMWF's Integrated Forecasting System (IFS), which comprises atmosphere, ocean, land, river, sea-ice and atmospheric composition models, as well as for forecast verification. ECMWF is represented in the WMO Expert Teams that gather observation requirements and update them in line with the evolving needs for more complete real-time monitoring of the Earth system and higher accuracy. As part of a rolling requirements review, Statements of Guidance are produced in several application areas. These feed into a vision document which gives high-level guidance on how observing systems should develop. A 'Vision for WIGOS in 2040' is currently under review. One of the developments acknowledged in the draft Vision is the increasing variety of organisations that are running observing systems of interest to WMO application areas. The aim, strongly supported by ECMWF, is to integrate these observations into one overall system where possible.

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