A simulated observation database to assess the impact of the IASI-NG hyperspectral infrared sounder

Andrey-Andrés, Javier ; Fourrié, Nadia ; Guidard, Vincent ; Armante, R. ; Brunel, P. ; Crevoisier, C. ; Tournier, B.

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The highly accurate measurements of the hyperspectral Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI) are used in numerical weather prediction (NWP), atmospheric chemistry and climate monitoring. As the second generation of the European Polar System (EPS-SG) is being developed, a new generation of IASI instruments has been designed to fly on board the MetOp-SG constellation: IASI New Generation (IASI-NG). In order to prepare the arrival of this new instrument, and to evaluate its impact on NWP and atmospheric chemistry applications, a set of IASI and IASI-NG simulated data was built and made available to the public to set a common framework for future impact studies. This paper describes the information available in this database and the procedure followed to run the IASI and IASI-NG simulations. These simulated data were evaluated by comparing IASI-NG to IASI observations. The result is also presented here. Additionally, preliminary impact studies of the benefit of IASI-NG compared to IASI on the retrieval of temperature and humidity in a NWP framework are also shown in the present work. With a channel dataset located in the same wave numbers for both instruments, we showed an improvement of the temperature retrievals throughout the atmosphere, with a maximum in the troposphere with IASI-NG and a lower benefit for the tropospheric humidity.
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