A Successful Practical Experience with Dedicated Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites GOES-10 and -12 Supporting Brazil

Costa, Simone M. S. ; Negri, Renato G. ; Ferreira, Nelson J. ; Schmit, Timothy J. ; Arai, Nelson ; Flauber, Wagner ; Ceballos, Juan ; Vila, Daniel ; Rodrigues, Jurandir ; Machado, Luiz A. ; Pereira, Sérgio ; Bottino, Marcus Jorge ; Sismanoglu, Raffi Agop ; Langden, Pedro

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This paper summarizes the successful use of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-10 (GOES-10) and -12 (GOES-12), mainly beyond their retirement as operational satellites in the United States, in support of meteorological activities in South America (SA). These satellites were maneuvered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to approximately 60°W, enabling other countries in Central and South America to benefit from their ongoing measurements. The extended usefulness of GOES-10 and -12 was only possible as a result of a new image geolocalization system developed by NOAA for correcting image distortions and evaluated in collaboration with the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research. The extension allowed GOES-10 and -12 to monitor SA for an additional 7 years proving the efficiency of this navigation capability implemented for the first time in the GOES series well beyond the expected satellites' lifetime. Such successful capability is incorporated in the new-generation GOES-R series. This practical and technological experience shows the importance of communication between scientists from the United States and SA for advancing Earth's monitoring system through the development of novel software and derived products. For SA in particular, GOES-10 and -12 were employed operationally to monitor dry spells, relevant for agriculture and forest fire management and to nowcast severe weather for flash flood warnings. Additionally, GOES-12 detected the first registered tropical hurricane over the Brazilian coast. This paper describes some of the technical and operational challenges faced in extending the GOES-10 and -12 missions to provide coverage over South America and emphasizes the usefulness of their ongoing measurements benefiting Brazilian environmental monitoring.

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