Bridging Operational Meteorology and Academia through Experiential Education: The Storm Prediction Center in the University of Oklahoma Classroom

Cohen, Ariel E. ; Thompson, Richard L. ; Cavallo, Steven M. ; Edwards, Roger ; Weiss, Steven J. ; Hart, John A. ; Jirak, Israel L. ; Bunting, William F. ; Rogers, Jaret W. ; Piltz, Steven F. ; Gerard, Alan E. ; Moore, Andrew D. ; Cornish, Daniel J. ; Boothe, Alexander C. ; Cohen, Joel B.

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During the 2014-15 academic year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center (SPC) and the University of Oklahoma (OU) School of Meteorology jointly created the first SPC-led course at OU focused on connecting traditional theory taught in the academic curriculum with operational meteorology. This class, 'Applications of Meteorological Theory to Severe-Thunderstorm Forecasting,' began in 2015. From 2015 through 2017, this spring-semester course has engaged 56 students in theoretical skills and related hands-on weather analysis and forecasting applications, taught by over a dozen meteorologists from the SPC, the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory, and the NOAA National Weather Service Forecast Offices. Following introductory material, which addresses many theoretical principles relevant to operational meteorology, numerous presentations and hands-on activities focused on instructors' areas of expertise are provided to students. Topics include the following: storm-induced perturbation pressure gradients and their enhancement to supercells, tornadogenesis, tropical cyclone tornadoes, severe wind forecasting, surface and upper-air analyses and their interpretation, and forecast decision-making. This collaborative approach has strengthened bonds between meteorologists in operations, research, and academia, while introducing OU meteorology students to the vast array of severe thunderstorm forecast challenges, state-of-the-art operational and research tools, communication of high-impact weather information, and teamwork skills. The methods of collaborative instruction and experiential education have been found to strengthen both operational-academic relationships and students' appreciation of the intricacies of severe thunderstorm forecasting, as detailed in this article.

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