Comprehensive Study of Optical, Physical, Chemical, and Radiative Properties of Total Columnar Atmospheric Aerosols over China: An Overview of Sun-Sky Radiometer Observation Network (SONET) Measurements

Li, Z. Q. ; Xu, H. ; Li, K. T. ; Li, D. H. ; Xie, Y. S. ; Li, L. ; Zhang, Y. ; Gu, X. F. ; Zhao, W. ; Tian, Q. J. ; Deng, R. R. ; Su, X. L. ; Huang, B. ; Qiao, Y. L. ; Cui, W. Y. ; Hu, Y. ; Gong, C. L. ; Wang, Y. Q. ; Wang, X. F. ; Wang, J. P. ; Du, W. B. ; Pan, Z. Q. ; Li, Z. Z. ; Bu, D.

Année de publication
An overview of Sun-Sky Radiometer Observation Network (SONET) measurements in China is presented. Based on observations at 16 distributed SONET sites in China, atmospheric aerosol parameters are acquired via standardization processes of operational measurement, maintenance, calibration, inversion, and quality control implemented since 2010. A climatology study is performed focusing on total columnar atmospheric aerosol characteristics, including optical (aerosol optical depth, ÅngstrÖm exponent, fine-mode fraction, single-scattering albedo), physical (volume particle size distribution), chemical composition (black carbon; brown carbon; fine-mode scattering component, coarse-mode component; and aerosol water), and radiative properties (aerosol radiative forcing and efficiency). Data analyses show that aerosol optical depth is low in the west but high in the east of China. Aerosol composition also shows significant spatial and temporal variations, leading to noticeable diversities in optical and physical property patterns. In west and north China, aerosols are generally affected by dust particles, while monsoon climate and human activities impose remarkable influences on aerosols in east and south China. Aerosols in China exhibit strong light-scattering capability and result in significant radiative cooling effects.

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