The Environment Canada Pan and Parapan American Science Showcase Project

Joe, P. ; Belair, S. ; Bernier, N.b. ; Bouchet, V. ; Brook, J. R. ; Brunet, D. ; Burrows, W. ; Charland, J.-P. ; Dehghan, A. ; Driedger, N. ; Duhaime, C. ; Evans, G. ; Filion, A.-B. ; Frenette, R. ; de Grandpré, J. ; Gultepe, I. ; Henderson, D. ; Herdt, A. ; Hilker, N. ; Huang, L. ; Hung, E. ; Isaac, G. ; Jeong, C.-H. ; Johnston, D. ; Klaassen, J. ; Leroyer, S. ; Lin, H. ; MacDonald, M. ; MacPhee, J. ; Mariani, Z. ; Munoz, T. ; Reid, J. ; Robichaud, A. ; Rochon, Y. ; Shairsingh, K. ; Sills, D. ; Spacek, L. ; Stroud, C. ; Su, Y. ; Taylor, N. ; Vanos, J. ; Voogt, J. ; Wang, J. M. ; Wiechers, T. ; Wren, S. ; Yang, H. ; Yip, T.

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The Pan and Parapan American Games (PA15) are the third largest sporting event in the world and were held in Toronto in the summer of 2015 (10-26 July and 7-15 August). This was used as an opportunity to coordinate and showcase existing innovative research and development activities related to weather, air quality (AQ), and health at Environment and Climate Change Canada. New observational technologies included weather stations based on compact sensors that were augmented with black globe thermometers, two Doppler lidars, two wave buoys, a 3D lightning mapping array, two new AQ stations, and low-cost AQ and ultraviolet sensors. These were supplemented by observations from other agencies, four mobile vehicles, two mobile AQ laboratories, and two supersites with enhanced vertical profiling. High-resolution modeling for weather (250 m and 1 km), AQ (2.5 km), lake circulation (2 km), and wave models (250-m, 1-km, and 2.5-km ensembles) were run. The focus of the science, which guided the design of the observation network, was to characterize and investigate the lake breeze, which affects thunderstorm initiation, air pollutant transport, and heat stress. Experimental forecasts and nowcasts were provided by research support desks. Web portals provided access to the experimental products for other government departments, public health authorities, and PA15 decision-makers. The data have been released through the government of Canada's Open Data Portal and as a World Meteorological Organization's Global Atmospheric Watch Urban Research Meteorology and Environment dataset.

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