Observations for Reanalyses

Brönnimann, Stefan ; Allan, Rob ; Atkinson, Christopher ; Buizza, Roberto ; Bulygina, Olga ; Dahlgren, Per ; Dee, Dick ; Dunn, Robert ; Gomes, Pedro ; John, Viju O. ; Jourdain, Sylvie ; Haimberger, Leopold ; Hersbach, Hans ; Kennedy, John ; Poli, Paul ; Pulliainen, Jouni ; Rayner, Nick ; Saunders, Roger ; Schulz, Jörg ; Sterin, Alexander ; Stickler, Alexander ; Titchner, Holly ; Valente, Maria Antonia ; Ventura, Clara ; Wilkinson, Clive

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Global dynamical reanalyses of the atmosphere and ocean fundamentally rely on observations, not just for the assimilation (i.e., for the definition of the state of the Earth system components) but also in many other steps along the production chain. Observations are used to constrain the model boundary conditions, for the calibration or uncertainty determination of other observations, and for the evaluation of data products. This requires major efforts, including data rescue (for historical observations), data management (including metadatabases), compilation and quality control, and error estimation. The work on observations ideally occurs one cycle ahead of the generation cycle of reanalyses, allowing the reanalyses to make full use of it. In this paper we describe the activities within ERA-CLIM2, which range from surface, upper-air, and Southern Ocean data rescue to satellite data recalibration and from the generation of snow-cover products to the development of a global station data metadatabase. The project has not produced new data collections. Rather, the data generated has fed into global repositories and will serve future reanalysis projects. The continuation of this effort is first contingent upon the organization of data rescue and also upon a series of targeted research activities to address newly identified in situ and satellite records.
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