Impact of spaceborne carbon monoxide observations from the S-5P platform on tropospheric composition analyses and forecasts

Abida, Rachid ; Attié, Jean-Luc ; Amraoui, Laaziz El ; Ricaud, Philippe ; Lahoz, William ; Eskes, Henk ; Segers, Arjo ; Curier, Lyana ; Haan, Johan de ; Kujanpää, Jukka ; Nijhuis, Albert Oude ; Tamminen, Johanna ; Timmermans, Renske ; Veefkind, Pepijn

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We use the technique of Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs) to quantify the impact of spaceborne carbon monoxide (CO) total column observations from the Sentinel-5 Precursor (S-5P) platform on tropospheric analyses and forecasts. We focus on Europe for the period of northern summer 2003, when there was a severe heat wave episode associated with extremely hot and dry weather conditions. We describe different elements of the OSSE: (i) the nature run (NR), i.e., the <q>truth</q>; (ii) the CO synthetic observations; (iii) the assimilation run (AR), where we assimilate the observations of interest; (iv) the control run (CR), in this study a free model run without assimilation; and (v) efforts to establish the fidelity of the OSSE results. Comparison of the results from AR and the CR, against the NR, shows that CO total column observations from S-5P provide a significant benefit (at the 99<span class="thinspace"></span>% confidence level) at the surface, with the largest benefit occurring over land in regions far away from emission sources. Furthermore, the S-5P CO total column observations are able to capture phenomena such as the forest fires that occurred in Portugal during northern summer 2003. These results provide evidence of the benefit of S-5P observations for monitoring processes contributing to atmospheric pollution.</p>

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