Advancing Global and Regional Reanalyses [Meeting summaries]

Buizza, Roberto ; Poli, Paul ; Rixen, Michel ; Alonso-Balmaseda, Magdalena ; Bosilovich, Michael G. ; Brönnimann, Stefan ; Compo, Gilbert P. ; Dee, Dick P. ; Desiato, Franco ; Doutriaux-Boucher, Marie ; Fujiwara, Masatomo ; Kaiser-Weiss, Andrea K. ; Kobayashi, Shinya ; Liu, Zhiquan ; Masina, Simona ; Mathieu, Pierre-Philippe ; Rayner, Nick ; Richter, Carolin ; Seneviratne, Sonia I. ; Simmons, Adrian J. ; Thépaut, Jean-Noel ; Auger, Jeffrey D. ; Bechtold, Michel ; Berntell, Ellen ; Dong, Bo ; Kozubek, Michal ; Sharif, Khaled ; Thomas, Christopher ; Schimanke, Semjon ; Storto, Andrea ; Tuma, Matthias ; Välisuo, Ilona ; Vaselali, Alireza

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This report outlines the structure of and summarizes the recommendations made at the Fifth International Conference on Reanalysis (ICR5),1 attended by 259 participants from 37 countries, in Rome, Italy, on 13-17 November 2017. It first summarizes the conference structure. Then, the key recommendations of ICR5 are given for the five main conference topics: production, observations (data rescue and preparation), data assimilation methods, quality assurance of reanalysis, and applications in science, services, and policy making. Finally, five high-level recommendations are proposed for assisting agencies in how best to advance the field of reanalyses, which serves tens of thousands of users, via enhanced research, development, and operations.

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