Quantifying the contribution of the Megha-Tropiques mission to the estimation of daily accumulated rainfall in the Tropics

Roca, Rémy ; Taburet, Nicolas ; Lorant, Estelle ; Chambon, Philippe ; Alcoba, Matias ; Brogniez, Hélène ; Cloché, Sophie ; Dufour, Christophe ; Gosset, Marielle ; Guilloteau, Clément

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<p align="justify">Satellite estimation of accumulated precipitation is an important facet of the study of the tropical water cycle. An advanced data merging approach using infrared geostationary imagery and microwave constellation based instantaneous rain rate estimates has been implemented in the framework of the Megha-Tropiques and Global Precipitation Measurements missions. The Tropical Amount of Rainfall with Estimation of ERors (TAPEER) algorithm has been tailored to account for the loss of the MADRAS conical scanning radiometer by using the SAPHIR sounder rainfall detection capability, thanks to a novel two-constellation implementation of the algorithm. A new bias correction module based on the TRMM PR observations is also presented. The performances of this new version of the product are reviewed with emphasis on West Africa. In particular, using data-denial experiments, the contribution of SAPHIR data to the rainfall daily accumulation is quantified for various configurations of the microwave constellation and various algorithmic parameter selections. The results show that the daily accumulation statistics are well improved when SAPHIR is taken into the constellation. The improvements can be quantified using bulk statistics but are more evident following a frequency analysis. The pattern of the impact is a complex convolution of rainfall occurrence and of the Megha-Tropiques mission original sampling. Over the 20°N-20°S belt, in zonal mean, the inclusion of SAPHIR data alters the daily accumulation substantially (more than 50% of the daily accumulation) more than 10% of the time and more than 20% when conditioned upon rainfall. Under both metrics, the improvement is majored in the 12°-17° latitude band where the Megha-Tropiques mission sampling is at its maximum.</p>
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