OPERA the Radar Project

Saltikoff, Elena ; Haase, Günther ; Delobbe, Laurent ; Gaussiat, Nicolas ; Martet, Maud ; Idziorek, Daniel ; Leijnse, Hidde ; Novák, Petr ; Lukach, Maryna ; Stephan, Klaus

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The Operational Program on the Exchange of Weather Radar Information (OPERA) has co-ordinated radar co-operation among national weather services in Europe for more than 20 years. It has introduced its own, manufacturer-independent data model, runs its own data center, and produces Pan-European radar composites. The applications using this data vary from data assimilation to flood warnings and the monitoring of animal migration. It has used several approaches to provide a homogeneous combination of disparate raw data and to indicate the reliability of its products. In particular, if a pixel shows no precipitation, it is important to know if that pixel is dry or if the measurement was missing.</p>

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