Remote Cross-Calibration of Wave Buoys Based on Significant Wave Height Observations of Altimeters in the Northern Hemisphere

Wang, Jiuke ; Aouf, Lotfi ; Wang, Xianqiao ; Li, Benxia ; Wang, Juanjuan

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<p align=justify>Consistency between national wave buoy networks is extremely important for wave climate studies and verification of global operational wave forecasting systems; however, it is insufficiently investigated. The validation of altimeter significant wave heights (SWHs) with the wave buoy networks of China, Europe and the National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) show significant divergence in assessments. This reveals a negative bias and larger root mean square error and scatter index from the Chinese buoy network than from the European and NDBC buoy networks. A remote cross-calibration method is presented using the collocations between altimeters and buoys to match the buoy observations from different networks. The Chinese buoys are found to yield a negative bias of −0.127 m compared to European/NDBC buoy networks. The cross-calibration equation is achieved by regression of the SWHs between the Chinese and European/NDBC buoy networks. The use of this remote cross-calibration significantly reduces the inconsistency between the Chinese and European/NDBC buoys in the validation of SWH from altimeter HY2B.</p>
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