Operational Assimilation of Radar Data from the European EUMETNET Programme OPERA in the Météo-France Convective-Scale Model AROME

Martet, Maud ; Brousseau, Pierre ; Wattrelot, Eric ; Guillaume, Frank ; Mahfouf, Jean-François

Année de publication

AROME-France is the convective-scale European Meteorological Network (EUMETNET) numerical weather prediction system which has been running operationally at Météo-France since the end of 2008. It uses a 3D-Var assimilation scheme to determine its initial conditions, in which radar data have a significant impact, due to their high temporal and spatial resolutions. Météo-France radar data are assimilated since 2008 for radial velocities and 2010 for reflectivities. Within the framework of the OPERA program, EUMETNET provides radar data from 25 countries with a common data format and a common quality index that allows uniform use independent of country of origin. Pre-processing of radar observations in the AROME-France data assimilation system has been updated in order to correctly take them into account, particularly regarding to the common quality index provided by OPERA. Monitoring experiments of these observations versus AROME-France backgrounds show that OPERA radar data are coherent with other radar data from the Météo-France Application Radar la Météorologie Infra-Synoptique (ARAMIS) ARAMIS network. Their assimilation has shown positive impacts onApplication of Research to Operations at Mesoscale (AROME) AROME-France forecasts over a two-month trial period and also on a specific heavy precipitation case in December 2019. Since January 2020, OPERA data from 62 radars among 9 French neighbouring countries are operationally assimilated in the AROME-France 3D-Var system.</p>

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