EUREC4A observations from the SAFIRE ATR42 aircraft

Bony, Sandrine ; Lothon, Marie ; Delanoë, Julien ; Coutris, Pierre ; Etienne, Jean-Claude ; Aemisegger, Franziska ; Albright, Anna Lea ; André, Thierry ; Bellec, Hubert ; Baron, Alexandre ; Bourdinot, Jean-François ; Brilouet, Pierre-Etienne ; Bourdon, Aurélien ; Canonici, Jean-Christophe ; Caudoux, Christophe ; Chazette, Patrick ; Cluzeau, Michel ; Cornet, Céline ; Desbios, Jean-Philippe ; Duchanoy, Dominique ; Flamant, Cyrille ; Fildier, Benjamin ; Gourbeyre, Christophe ; Guiraud, Laurent ; Jiang, Tetyana ; Lainard, Claude ; Le Gac, Christophe ; Lendroit, Christian ; Lernould, Julien ; Perrin, Thierry ; Pouvesle, Frédéric ; Richard, Pascal ; Rochetin, Nicolas ; Salaün, Kevin ; Schwarzenboeck, Alfons ; Seurat, Guillaume ; Stevens, Bjorn ; Totems, Julien ; Touzé-Peiffer, Ludovic ; Vergez, Gilles ; Vial, Jessica ; Villiger, Leonie ; Vogel, Raphaela

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<p align=justify>As part of the EUREC<span class="inline-formula"><sup>4</sup></span>A (Elucidating the role of cloud-circulation coupling in climate) field campaign, which took place in January and February 2020 over the western tropical Atlantic near Barbados, the French SAFIRE ATR42 research aircraft (ATR) conducted 19 flights in the lower troposphere. Each flight followed a common flight pattern that sampled the atmosphere around the cloud base level, at different heights of the subcloud layer, near the sea surface and in the lower free troposphere. The aircraft's payload included a backscatter lidar and a Doppler cloud radar that were both horizontally oriented; a Doppler cloud radar looking upward; microphysical probes; a cavity ring-down spectrometer for water isotopes; a multiwavelength radiometer; a visible camera; and multiple meteorological sensors, including fast rate sensors for turbulence measurements. With this instrumentation, the ATR characterized the macrophysical and microphysical properties of trade-wind clouds together with their thermodynamical, turbulent and radiative environment. This paper presents the airborne operations, the flight segmentation, the instrumentation, the data processing and the EUREC<span class="inline-formula"><sup>4</sup></span>A datasets produced from the ATR measurements. It shows that the ATR measurements of humidity, wind and cloud base cloud fraction measured with different techniques and samplings are internally consistent; that meteorological measurements are consistent with estimates from dropsondes launched from an overflying aircraft (the High Altitude and LOng Range Research Aircraft, HALO); and that water-isotopic measurements are well correlated with data from the Barbados Cloud Observatory. This consistency demonstrates the robustness of the ATR measurements of humidity, wind, cloud base cloud fraction and water-isotopic composition during EUREC<span class="inline-formula"><sup>4</sup></span>A. It also confirms that through their repeated flight patterns, the ATR and HALO measurements provided a statistically consistent sampling of trade-wind clouds and of their environment. The ATR datasets are freely available at the locations specified in Table <a href="#Ch1.T11">11</a>.</p>
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