Cross-analysis for the assessment of urban environmental quality: An interdisciplinary and participative approach

Analyse croisée pour l'évaluation de la qualité environnementale urbaine : une approche interdisciplinaire et participative

Haouès-Jouve Sinda ; Lemonsu Aude ; Gauvrau Benoit ; Amossé Alexandre ; Can Arnaud ; Carrissimo Bertrand ; Gaudio Noémie ; Hidalgo Julia ; Lopez-Rieu Claudia ; Chouillou Delphine ; Richard Isabelle ; Adolphe Luc ; Berry-Chikhaoui Isabelle ; Bouyer Julien ; Challéat Samuel ; De Munck Cécile ; Dorier Elisabeth ; Guillaume Gwenael ; Hooneart Sophie ; Le Bras Julien ; Legain Dominique ; Levy Jean-Pierre ; Masson Valéry ; Marry Solène ; Nguyen-Luong Danny ; Rojas-Arias Juan-Carlos ; Zhenlan Gao

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<p align=justify>The goal of this research is to assess environmental quality at the neighbourhood level through a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory approach that combines social and physical methodologies. For this purpose, an interdisciplinary protocol has been designed to simultaneously collect physical parameter measurements (related to microclimate and acoustics) and survey data on perceptions (involving residents and non-residents). The cross-referenced analysis of data collected at six contrasting places in a district in Toulouse (France) enabled us (i) to better understand and prioritise the factors that influence residents' assessment of the quality of their living environment and (ii) to understand to what extent the differentiation of the places by the inhabitants converges with the differentiation of these places based on acoustic and micrometeorological measurements. The statistical analysis based on individuals showed the importance of noise and air quality that rank just after the aesthetic dimension for all respondents. Nevertheless, the quality of maintenance and the feeling of security that the place inspires seem to be as crucial as these environmental criteria for the inhabitants. The analysis focused on the sites highlighted the consistency between the typology of places based on perceptions and that based on acoustic measurements, which confirms the high inhabitants' sensitivity to this environmental component.</p>
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