A Theoretical Analysis of Mixing Length for Atmospheric Models From Micro to Large Scales

Honnert, Rachel ; Masson, Valéry ; Lac, Christine ; Nagel, Tim

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<p align=justify>A new mixing length adapted to the constraints of the hectometric-scale gray zone of turbulence for neutral and convective boundary layers is proposed. It combines a mixing length for mesoscale simulations, where the turbulence is fully subgrid and a mixing length for Large-Eddy Simulations, where the coarsest turbulent eddies are explicitly resolved. The mixing length is built for isotropic turbulence schemes, as well as schemes using the horizontal homogeneity assumption. This mixing length is tested over three boundary layer cases: a free convective case, a neutral case and a cold air outbreak case. The later combines turbulence from thermal and dynamical origins as well as presence of clouds. With this new mixing length, the turbulence scheme produces the right proportion between subgrid and resolved turbulent exchanges in Large Eddy Simulations, in the gray zone and at the mesoscale. This opens the way of using a single mixing length whatever the grid mesh of the atmospheric model, the evolution stage or the depth of the boundary layer.</p>
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