West African monsoon precipitation impacted by the South Eastern Atlantic biomass burning aerosol outflow

Précipitations de la mousson d'Afrique de l'Ouest affectées par le flux d'aérosols de combustion de biomasse de l'Atlantique Sud-Est

Solmon, F. ; Elguindi, N. ; Mallet, Marc ; Flamant, C. ; Formenti, P.

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<p align=justify>The West African Monsoon (WAM) is a complex system depending on global climate influences and multiple regional environmental factors. Central and Southern African biomass-burning (SABB) aerosols have been shown to perturb WAM during episodic northward inter-hemispheric transport events, but a possible dynamical connection between the core of the SABB aerosol outflow and the WAM system remains unexplored. Through regional climate modeling experiments, we show that SABB aerosols can indeed impact WAM dynamics via two competitive regional scale and inter-hemispheric dynamical feedbacks originating from (i) enhanced diabatic heating occurring in the Southeastern Atlantic low-cloud deck region, and (ii) aerosol and cloud-induced sea surface temperature cooling. These mechanisms, related to aerosol direct, semi-direct, and indirect effects, are shown to have different seasonal timings, resulting in a reduction of June to September WAM precipitation, while possibly enhancing late-season rainfall in WAM coastal areas.</p>
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