The dynamic meteorology of the stratosphere and mesosphere / James R. Holton

Météorologie dynamique de la stratosphère de la mésosphère

Holton, James R. ( 1938-2004)

Auteur moral
American Meteorological Society : AMS
American Meteorological Society
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Interest in the meteorology of the stratosphere and mesophere has been simulated in the past few years by concerns over possible depletion of the ozone layer as a result of reactions involving pollutants introduced by human activities. Concurrently there has been an upsurge in research on various aspects of the meteorology of the stratosphere. This monograph provides an account of the fundamental dynamical processes which control the general circulation of the stratosphere and mesophere and are thus responsible for the transport of trace substances in that region of the atmosphere. Principles necessary for understanding the dynamics of large-scale motions in the stratosphere and mesosphere are systematically developed so that this monograph should prove useful not only as a reference work for research scientists, but as a textbook for courses in dynamic meteorology of the upper atmosphere.

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