Storm Gloria 2020

Pascual, Ramon ; Cuevas, Gabriela ; Roa, Alejandro ; Rey, Jaime ; Roulet, Bernard

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<p align="justify">In the Autumn and Winter of 2017/2018, Meteo-France, AEMET (Spanish Meteorological Agency) and IPMA (Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere) began to name significant storms coming from the Atlantic Ocean to mainland Europe. However, during discussions about future storm seasons, it appeared necessary to extend the area of naming to the western Mediterranean Sea as well as mainland Europe. This was used for the first time for Storm Adrian that hit Corsica in October 2018, which affected Italy and Austria and caused severe damage (cf article « Storm Adrian » in WGCEF newsletter N°24, September 2019). In January 2020, Storm Gloria was named by AEMET and affected both Spain and France. Orange and red vigilances/warnings were issued in both countries for several parameters such as winds, snow, costal damage, avalanches, rain and flooding.Formation and evolution of Storm Gloria.</p>
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