Storm naming: the First Season of Naming by the South-west Group: Spain-Portugal-France

Leitao, Paula ; Gillet-Chaulet, Bruno ; Rey, Jaime

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<p align="justify">Following the success of storm naming by MetEireann and the Met Office in 2016-2017 (cf WGCEF Task Team on Storm Naming in Europe ; Authors Cusack, Paterson, Lang, Csekits, WGCEF newsletter N°22), three other countries in the south-western part of Europe - Spain, Portugal and France - decided to join the process of storm naming, following recommendations of the Task Team. System specifications were discussed by partners during the year 2017 via mail exchanges, then web-conferences during Autumn 2017 allowed the Group to finalise the process of storm naming for the southwest. The month of November was then used as a blank test, before the system entered its operational phase in December 2017, for the winter season of 2017-2018.</p>
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