Special Section: SAGE III-Ozone Loss and Validation Experiment and Third European Stratospheric Experiment on Ozone-2000 (SOLVE/THESEO) - SOL 41 An analysis of large HN03-containing particles sampled in the Arctic stratosphere during the winter of 1999/2000

Bui [T.P.] ; Carslaw [K.S.] ; Dhaniyala [S.] ; Fahey [D.W.] ; Flagan [R.C.] ; Gao [R.S.] ; Herman [R.L.] ; Holecek [J.C.] ; Lait [L.R.] ; Mahoney [M.J.] ; Northway [M.J.] ; Popp [P.J.] ; Tolbert [M.A.] ; Toon [G.C.] ; Wennberg [P.O.]

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