Special Section: SAGE III-Ozone Loss and Validation Experiment and Third European Stratospheric Experiment on Ozone-2000 (SOLVE/THESEO), Part 2: SOL 60 Large-scale chemical evolution of the Arctic vortex during the 1999/2000 winter: HALOE/POAM III Lagrangian photochemical modeling for the SAGE III - Ozone loss and validation experiment (SOLVE) campaign

Al-Saadi [J.] ; Bevilacqua [R.] ; Eckermann [S.D.] ; Elkins [J.] ; Fahey [D.] ; Fairlie [T.D.] ; Grose [W.L.] ; Harvey [V.L.] ; Natarajan [M.] ; Pierce [R.B.] ; Popp [P.] ; Richard [E.] ; Russell Iii [J.M.] ; Stimpfle [R.] ; Toon [G.C.] ; Webster [C.R.]