Special Section: NASA Global Tropospheric Experiment Transport and Chemical Evolution Over the Pacific (TRACE-P): Measurements and Analysis (TRACEPL) GTE 33. Contribution of biomass and biofuel emissions to trace gas distributions in Asia during the TRACE-P experiment

Blake [Donald R.] ; Carmichael [Gregory R.] ; Fried [Alan] ; Fu [Qingyan] ; Kurata [Gakuji] ; Lee [Won-Chan] ; Pinnock [Simon] ; Sachse [Glen W.] ; Streets [David G.] ; Tang [Youhua] ; Thongboonchoo [Narisara] ; Thornton [Donald C.] ; Uno [Itsushi] ; Vay [Stephanie] ; Woo [Jung-Hun] ; Yoo [Bongin]