Special Section: NASA Global Tropospheric Experiment Transport and Chemical Evolution Over the Pacific (TRACE-P): Measurements and Analysis (TRACEPL) GTE 37. Characteristics and influence of biosmoke on the fine-particle ionic composition measured in Asian outflow during the transport and chemical evolution over the Pacific (TRACE-P) experiment

Bandy [A.R.] ; Blake [D.R.] ; Carmichael [G.R.] ; Clarke [A.D.] ; Fuelberg [H.E.] ; Kiley [C.M.] ; Lee [Y.-N.] ; Ma [Y.] ; Maxwell-Meier [K.] ; Orsini [D.A.] ; Sachse [G.W.] ; Streets [D.G.] ; Thornton [D.C.] ; Weber [R.J.] ; Woo [J.-H.]